New Disinfector line, sweeps, scrubs, dries and sanitizes in one step

In order to obtain a healthy environment, cleaning must be combined with a sanitizing process. Once the dirt, both light as dust and solid residues, and adherent, has been removed, the surfaces must undergo a treatment that reduces the presence of pathogens with the use of specific solutions.

Today, most sanitization activities are carried out manually, even in large environments, at very high costs.

Mechanizing this operation is crucial to perform it with method and regularity. Combing sanitization with cleaning and carrying out the two actions at the same time provides extraordinary advantages in terms of time and cost.
Cleaning and sanitizing at the same time is now possible with a Disinfector scrubbing machine.

The range of BMg, MMg, and Magna scrubber dryer in Disinfector version, enables the cleaning of floors and, at the same time, the sanitization of both floors and the surrounding vertical surfaces, in a single step.

This means a considerable reduction in costs, time and labour, which becomes even more significant in large spaces, where the cylindrical versions of MMg Disinfector and Magna Disinfector can be used,
so as to achieve even 4 actions in one step:


How does it work?


While the scrubber-dryer carries out its usual cleaning activity, the sanitizing liquid is sprayed by groups of nozzles positioned above the tank, and then transported up to 3 metres away in distance and height from the force of two turbines, and by another group of nozzles positioned at the rear base of the machine, intended only for the floor.



The spray can be directed according to the needs of the site, by rotating the turbines 180° from top to bottom and 180° from right to left.



You can choose to activate the spray only on one side or the other, according to the requirements of the specific environment you are sanitizing.



The upper and lower nozzles are also independent, allowing you to adapt the activity according to the structure of the environment and avoid wasting solution.



Between the aisles of a warehouse or a supermarket, the scrubber dryer cleans the floor, sweeping, scrubbing and drying it, while the lower nozzles spray the sanitizing liquid on the cleaned surface. In this way the floor at both ends of the aisle, is sanitized.
Then, you can move on to the central part: in this case the upper nozzles are also activated, so that the turbines carry the sanitizing solution up to the shelves.



Once the sanitization is completed, the area is immediately accessible, there is no need to wait or close the passage.


Why is it effective?

Because it uses the electrostatic technology, which electrically charges the particles of the chemical. In this way the particles are forced to repel each other and thus to maintain a constant distance between them, so that the distribution is uniform. In addition, the charged particles are attracted by the surfaces on which they are directed, which guarantees a 360-degree coverage on each side of an object, without leaving out gaps. 

The electrostatic technology

When the liquid is sprayed without an electrostatic charge, the particles merge together to form droplets of various sizes, causing drips and an irregular distribution. In addition, the liquid only settles within the spray range, leaving the surrounding areas uncovered.
With an electrostatic charge the particles maintain a constant distance between them. The sprayed liquid creates a sanitizing cloud that completely envelops the object on which it is directed. The electric charge causes the particles to settle uniformly on every point of the treated surface, including the hidden sides.
The Disinfector scrubber dryers are suitable for various sectors and offer great advantages for medium and large environments such as:
schools, gyms, warehouses, factories, logistics centres, supermarkets, malls, airports, railway stations.

Even your scrubber dryer can become a Disinfector!
You can buy the kit separately and equip the scrubber dryers you already have in your fleet.

Tracking interventions and documenting sanitization

With Disinfector you can track sanitizing interventions because it is designed to provide information to the FFM - Fimap Fleet Management system mounted on the scrubber dryer. The activity of the Disinfector is tracked on the FFM portal from which reports can be downloaded to document sanitization interventions. The reports highlight the beginning and end of the activity and the area that has been sanitized, to prove how it was carried out.




  • Perform up to 4 actions at once with one machine: sweeping, washing, drying, and sanitizing
  • No additional staff or extra shifts are required to perform sanitization
  • Saving of sanitizing solution, thanks to uniform coverage and atomization, without drips
  • No waiting time: the sanitized area is immediately accessible



  • Total coverage of surfaces, including vertical, curved, and irregular ones
  • Uniform coverage in one pass
  • The atomization can be oriented according to the needs of the site



  • Also available as a retrofit solution for existing scrubber dryers
  • Suitable for different environments, according to the scrubber dryer model to which it is combined, and thanks to the adjustable direction of the nozzles
  • Independent upper and lower nozzles: can be activated together or separately according to operational requirements



  • The sanitizing liquid and the cleaning solution are contained in separate tanks
  • Avoids the risk of cross-contamination between surfaces
  • Mechanized sanitization allows to carry out the sanitization activities regularly, thus improving the hygienic safety of the environment


  • Sanitization interventions can be documented, and reports can be downloaded via the FFM system
  • The reports allow to check the effective progress of the sanitization and therefore to show to the customer the respect of the plan agreed



  • Reduced consumption of sanitizing solution, thanks to a more efficient distribution given by the electrostatic technology


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