Consulting and planning

Choosing the right machine for the area to be cleaned is not so simple. The factors to be considered are many and can affect the result, as well as costs, time and consumption.

For this reason, we put our experience at your service, to help you realize the cleaning project perfect you.

Do you need to upgrade your fleet, but you don’t know which models to choose?
Wondering which solution best fits your needs and will make you save time and money?
Would you like to know beforehand information about consumption, costs and performance, in order to be more confident about the fleet you’re choosing?

Our specialists know which factors are essential to get an effective result. They analyse the specific issues of the single site, such as the type of building, obstructions, floor and dirt and then develop a custom-made project, in which they recommend to you the right machines, that fit your requirements for size and features, equipped with the most suitable technologies and accessories.

According to both use and industry needs, we will advise you on the most convenient financial solution and appropriate maintenance plan that will keep performance consistent over time.

Through the analysis of the environmental data we will be able to advise you on how to reduce the impact of your service, using the Fimap machines of your fleet. We can estimate the productivity, consumption and environmental impact of the machines in use on site, so choosing the right fleet will be even easier.

Fimap never leaves you alone. We’ll help you to have a clear overview of the needs and solutions that are essential to make costs decrease and service quality increase.

The consultancy also continues during use, with periodic reports that will allow you to compare the estimated data with the real ones, recorded during use. In this way you will be aware whether the service is as efficient as expected or further activities must be taken to improve it.
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