Our commitment to a sustainable management

We work hard to make an essential activity like cleaning easier, safer and more sustainable. Our priority is to do so respecting the people we work with and those who choose us, taking care of the environment where we all live.


The trust that our customers and all our employees place in us and in our products is of great value.
In order to continue nurture it, it is essential to maintain a good behavior with all the stakeholders, in compliance with the internal rules and with the laws. With our Code of Conduct we share here the values that guide our daily business activities and all the related business relationships.




Every day our products are used all over the world to keep common areas clean, passing before the eyes of many people. We design them with the utmost care and dedication, so that they can be identified as a symbol of trust and quality.

To do this we pursue strategies that involve both our internal and external activities, and that become part of a code that gives value to relationships, to the contribution of all collaborators and to the environment.

We respect our employees, their freedom and their rights, and we are committed to create a positive work environment where growth and continuous improvement are fostered. The Quality, Environment and Safety management processes are certified according to the respective international standards and making them more and more efficient it is among our priorities.

Our company policy defines our priorities and the next goals we are devoted to improve.




Certifications are an incentive to keep improving processes and become an important tool to spread with all our stakeholders how much we care about our work. Fimap has certified the Quality, Environment and Safety management systems according to international standards, thus declaring its commitment towards a responsible and transparent production.

ISO 9001:2015


Refers to an organisational model based on a process guide using quality management principles - essential for good company direction



ISO 45001


Highlights the active commitment to the protection of workers' health, via specific procedures, investments and continuous training




ISO 14001:2015

Is the official recognition guaranteeing that the environmental impact of the business is being kept under control, with an ongoing commitment to reduce that impact



SA 8000

It is the leading social certification for companies across the globe which concerns international agreements on labour, human and child rights. At Fimap we foster a strategy of growth which involves also the people who work with us, protecting their rights and guaranteeing a workplace which respects their professionalism.




ISO 14067:2018 

ISO 14067 defines the requirements and guidelines for quantifying and reporting the CFP - Product Carbon Footprint, thus allowing the assessment of the real carbon footprint of each product and identifying offset solutions. The latest generation of scrubbing machines have achieved the CFP - Systematic Approach certificate, related to the calculation method of the amount of CO2e emitted over the entire life cycle per unit of cleaned surface. This means that we are able to provide real data that describes the actual environmental performance of our scrubbing machines for every sq.m cleaned.


Numero Verde

Organisation certified with Q.C.B Italia:
ISO 9001:2015,
ISO 14001:2015,
ISO 45001

Organisation certified with SGS:
SA 8000:2014

Organisation certified with ICMQ:
ISO 14067:2018

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