Magna Disinfector

Magna Disinfector Magna Disinfector

Magna Disinfector

Magna Cylindrical Disinfector Magna Cylindrical Disinfector

Magna Cylindrical Disinfector

Sweeps, scrubs, dries and sanitizes in one step

High-traffic areas need to be regularly sanitized to safeguard the health of people who pass through them during the whole day. After the cleaning intervention, teams of operators are in charge of sanitizing the environments to reduce the presence of pathogens from the surfaces. This task is usually done manually and when it comes to large spaces, by a lot of personnel, to reduce the time needed to perform it.
This leads to high costs and time, which can further increase if the environment requires more interventions in the same day.

With Fimap's Magna Disinfector, sanitization is carried out mechanically and simultaneously with cleaning. This provides extraordinary time and cost savings because there is no need to add shifts or personnel, just one operator is required. Sanitization becomes faster and can be carried out effectively several times a day.

While Magna Disinfector cleans the floor, groups of nozzles located above the tank and at the base of the machine spray the sanitizing liquid on the floor just cleaned and on the walls and furniture around, up to 3 meters away and in height.
Up to 4 actions can be performed simultaneously in the same cleaning operation:


Magna Disinfector scrubber dryer is suitable for various environments: in shopping centres, factories, warehouses, stations, airports as well as on floors, it can also distribute the sanitizing solution on furniture, shelves, workbenches, machineries and benches, which, being touched by several people throughout the day, can easily carry germs and bacteria.



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