Your digital fleet management system

FFM – Fimap Fleet Management is the system that makes your fleet smart.
FFM enables your fleet to communicate with you, delivering all the information you may need to reduce the total cost of ownership.

The digitalization puts you in contact with your Fimap fleet, it collects all the fleet data and let you know position, usage, performances, environmental footprint for each machine, the whole fleet, per job site or work shift.

With FFM everything is under your control. You can have a complete overview of the service provided and find out the improvements that can be made, basing your considerations on real data, always available via the My.Machine app or FFM website.



  • Improves the fleet management
  • Increases the efficiency of the intervention planning
  • Distributes equally the work load per machine
  • Reduces time and costs of service interventions
  • Prevents and reduces downtime due to misuse
  • Reduces or avoids costs caused by improper use of the batteries


  • Rules out unauthorized use
  • Allows to manage individually the access to each machine
  • Reduces inappropriate usage
  • Allows to customize each access with different machine parameters
  • Prevents thefts through the satellite antitheft system


  • Provides a fleet usage overview
  • Allows to evaluate the use of each machine
  • Allows the analysis of each cleaning intervention
  • Shows the details of usage and consumption per each machine
  • Provides the environmental impact data per machine, fleet or job site
  • Allows to build customized reports
  • Warns you about any unexpected usage or anomaly


  • Plans the maintenance schedule according to use
  • Keeps constant the fleet performance thus avoiding unexpected costs.
  • In case of any anomaly it provides all the necessary information to reduce downtimes and recovery costs
  • Points out training needs


With FFM everything is under your control all the time, the system is always connected and transfers everything you want to know about your fleet in real time. Do you want to know which machines of your fleet are working? If the intervention is carried out as planned? How much energy each machine is using?

FFM can answer to all the questions


The hardware of the FFM system connects the fleet and send the data to the web portal and to the app. The transmission is made through GSM connection, WiFi and bluetooth to ensure the highest reliability and the constancy of transfer.


The data collected by the FFM hardware are displayed in the web portal, and in the app, through clear maps, charts and reports, for a complete fleet control at a glance.


The My.Machine app keeps you in contact with the fleet even when you’re out of office. It updates you in real time providing all the essential information to help you keep high the fleet performance.

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