Orbital Technology

Technology that reduces fatigue and sustains the environment

The introduction of orbital technology has brought significant advantages both in the range of single disc machines and in that of scrubbing machines. The orbital movement increases the cleaning action and the maneuverability, makes the machine extremely versatile in the applications and reduces the consumption of water and energy, a great benefit for you and for the environment.

The orbital action of high frequency oscillations helps keep the pad constantly parallel to the floor, with each point always in contact with the surface. In this way the result is uniform, and cleaning is more effective. Furthermore, the movement of the pad holds the water inside the work area, avoiding lateral leaks and thus reducing water consumption.

Orbital machines are eco-friendly. In addition to guaranteeing a low consumption of water and energy, they make it possible to reduce or even eliminate the use of detergents, in particular the more aggressive ones, those containing VOC (volatile components).

Orbital technology makes use more comfortable. The vibrations for the user are reduced to a minimum and in the case of single brush machines, circular oscillations help to increase stability and make the machine lighter to use, thus reducing fatigue compared to traditional models.

Depending on the type of pad chosen, the orbital machines guarantee excellent performance in different environments. They are very productive in the presence of stubborn dirt, and therefore suitable for the food and mechanical industry. They easily remove waxes and finishes from commercial floors.
The orbital movement is also perfect against the light dirt on resilient and vinyl floors, which are used in the pharmaceutical industry, in healthcare environments, in schools or gyms.


Uniform cleaning action on the entire surface of the pad


According to the type of pad selected they can perform different treatments, which make them suitable for several applications


Vibrations are reduced to a minimum, thus ensuring greater stability and easy handling


The orbital movement reduces the consumption of water, detergent and energy
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