Rental or purchase + servicing

Full rental

If you’re looking for professionalism at a slight price, Fimap rental is the best solution: you will have the peace of mind of having the machine as if it was yours, without the burden of buying it. Fimap provides you with the machine already equipped and ready to be used. Just add the maintenance plan you want, then Fimap will take care of the machine for you!

Purchase + service

If you want to enjoy the benefits of owning the machine without having to worry about its management, add one of Fimap servicing packs: with a small monthly installment you will be sure of being always operational and efficient. Choose one of the three packs and let Fimap take care of all the inspections and servicing necessary to keep you in condition to always give your best!

Why choosing Fimap rental?


Choose your Fimap machine, or build an entire fleet, and enjoy the freedom of not buying it!

You get all the financial, administrative and operational advantages of the rental, plus the exclusive benefits of Fimap professionalism, which offers consultancy, optimization of environmental aspects, training and a network of authorized workshops all over the world.




  • No capital tied up
  • Definite cost through the entire period
  • No increase in the taxable amount because the property is not owned by the user
  • Investment planning
  • Opportunity to fulfill greater requests without affecting liquidity


  • Management of the fleet, from 1 to n machines, through a single monthly invoice
  • Separated cost centres for the machine and service required
  • No additional charges for insurance, theft, fire or acts of vandalism
  • Fees fully tax-deductible
  • No management of the assets or of their amortization
  • Simplification of all monitoring activities
  • One-stop partner for any need
  • No asset management at the end of the project contract


  • Performance and safety are kept unchanged over time
  • Flexible fleet management in case of changes or early return
  • Technologies and innovations always up to date
  • One-stop partner for all sites
  • Scheduled maintenance to avoid downtimes and machine stops
  • Machine replacement under request


  • Support in planning phase in order to find out the most suitable machines and equipment solutions


  • Optimization of each working parameter during the site start-up
  • Specific technologies for specific industries to reduce environmental impact
  • Planning and monitoring of the Carbon Footprint per each site


  • Documented education and training for operators
  • Custom-made service plans per each site


  • Authorized workshops all over the world
  • Prompt assistance service
  • The same service quality for the whole network 
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