This is Fimap

We design and produce our machines in Italy and export them to 80 countries around the world. They are scrubber dryers, sweepers, vacuum cleaners, single-disc machines, sanitizing machines and spray-extraction cleaners, developed to satisfy every type of cleaning need and equipped with advanced solutions that enable to achieve high standards of hygiene efficiently.

We watch closely how cleaning needs evolve, and we keep asking to ourselves how we can improve our products, drawing on the innovations that technological progress proposes.

This is how the Performance scrubbing machine line was born. It is the product line that best represents our competitive spirit and our passion for finding ever more advanced solutions.
It is a high-tech range in which 7 key features have been enhanced: strength, power, safety, simplicity, sustainability, configurability and connectivity.

A line designed for a new era of professional cleaning, for which we aim at providing much more than the product.

What we can do for you

A quality product fulfills the purpose for which it was designed, but we know that a professional like you needs much more.

Therefore, we have created a process that centers around your specific needs, to help you build a tailor-made solution that will improve the performance of all the deciding aspects of your business.
We provide you with advanced tools for efficient management of procedures, coordinated in a single, complete and effective system that combines products, technologies, skills and services.

With this method, the only thing you need to worry about is cleaning
Just Clean


Our specialists know which factors are essential to get an effective result. They will support you in the analysis of the sites of your project to help you recognize which points you can improve to increase productivity. They will examine with you the features of your business and will listen to what you need, so as to find the proper models and settings that will make you achieve your goals.



Our scrubbing machines can effectively satisfy the most diverse cleaning needs, because they are completely configurable, in terms of equipment and options. Having the right accessories can give a big boost to the result of each intervention. With our help you can build a tailor-made fleet that exactly meets your needs, which will make you save time, reduce costs and improve performance.


The environmental factor is increasingly affecting our choices and becomes crucial even when it comes to deciding how to manage a cleaning project. Having a fleet that optimizes the use of resources and provides real and certified environmental data will bring out and give more value to your business. With our technologies and our environmental impact assessment system you can improve performance and make all processes environmentally sustainable.


You can choose to use the fleet in different ways. We can advise you on the best financial solution for your business, so that you can get the quality of the Fimap world at the most convenient conditions for you.


Having a good product is certainly a valid starting point, but if you want to keep consistent performance over time, you need to carry out maintenance regularly. With our maintenance packages you will enjoy the peace of mind of always being followed by qualified technicians who know the product well, take care of carrying out the planned inspections and know how to intervene quickly in case of emergency, so as not to make you waste valuable time.


With Fimap Academy courses we put at your service all our experience. We provide courses for all roles, from operators, site managers, to business owners and commercial figures. The topics include the correct use of machines, accessories and technologies, up to the management of sites and tenders. With our courses we intend to transmit the knowledge necessary to increase productivity and achieve better results at all levels.
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