We know what your requirements are, we’ll take care of the setup of your machines!

How can you be sure that the scrubbing machines are used correctly?
That the expected consumption is respected?
And avoid seeing the costs growing due to unsuitable use?

The solution is to set up the machine according to the real requirements of the site where it is used, thus creating a customized configuration.
The more the settings adhere to the needs of the specific environment, the higher the productivity and cost savings will be.

Consumption are different if the area to be cleaned is the showroom of a car dealer or the room of a restaurant. They change even in apparently similar sites such as warehouses: the warehouse of a steel plant has very different requirements from the one of a food industry.

Our specialists will work alongside you on the sites of your project to carefully analyze their characteristics, types of floor and dirt, and set the scrubber-driers properly, according to what is necessary.

They will create a combination of exclusive cleaning factors for each site, especially designed for that specific place.

The benefits of the combination created by our experts are maintained over time, thanks to the zone programs function, which allow to memorize the chosen settings, and associate them with the different environments to be cleaned, namely the zones, in order to find them again at the next use.

This function guarantees that any operator who will use the machine will do it correctly, since he/she will just have to select the area to be cleaned and then the appropriate setting will start automatically.


With our setup service, your fleet is programmed to meet specifically the requirements of the sites of your project, allowing you to always have control over costs and results, and offering you the peace of mind of providing a quality and reliable service over time.


An inaccurate management produces costs and waste which weigh both on the cleaning service and the environment.
Fimap consultancy enables to manage resources more efficiently, thus reducing the impact on the environment and costs due to improper use.

Our specialists take care of the cleaning programs setting, according the site needs: for each area they adjust water, detergent, brush pressure and working speed, so as to avoid not necessary consumption.  
Moreover, they control the batteries proper setting, thus preventing performance decrease, wrong charges or early battery depletion and related cost.

With our expertise we can combine cleaning factors in order to make the most out of resources, not exceed when not needed, and ensure cleaning interventions which respect the environment.

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