Training courses


Investing in the training of cleaning operators ensures safety, better results, reduced consumption and lower operating costs.

Wondering how to increase cleaning performance and quality?
Or how to optimize time per intervention?



We offer users on-site courses on the operation of machines and their technologies. Knowing how to use Fimap machines can turn them into real cleaning assistants.

We explain how to properly use the integrated functions and devices that make work easier and help save resources.
We highlight the value of ordinary machine maintenance and its importance in order to maintain efficiency and performance over time.


We show all the exclusive solutions that increase the professionalism and quality of cleaning, such as zone programs, different work configurations and extra equipment, to learn when and how to use them, and always know what to do, in any situation.

Operators can learn how active and passive safety systems work. Safety devices are essential for the protection of both the user and people in the place where cleaning interventions are performed.

Lastly, they find out how simple and fast it has become to carry out routine maintenance thanks to video tutorials, always available on board the machines, and the color code, which guides the final phase of each intervention.


Site manager training is focused on the tools developed for monitoring the activities and related advantages.


Would you like to have more control over the machines of your fleet?
Protect them from misuse when you are not present?
Knowing in real time how they are working and if they are respecting the plan?



To the site manager is explained how to set the machines so as to avoid unauthorized use and unsuitable configurations.

The site manager can decide with which machines of the fleet the operators can work and what settings they can change, according to their level of experience. This smart solution makes each cleaning intervention as close as possible to plans, thus avoiding chance of error, excessive consumption and unexpected costs. 

Moreover, is shown how the FFM – Fimap Fleet Management system works and how to read the information it provides through the portal and the My.Machine app. 

FFM is a very important tool, a key to optimize processes, to make the service more efficient, save time and reduce costs. It offers a detailed overview of the fleet at a glance, from workload to consumption, which points out the real trend of the activity and allows to identify more easily and precisely the possibilities of improvement.

With Fimap Academy, you never stop learning


The hygiene requirements are evolving and the entry of rigorous, and sometimes somewhat complicated, regulations are pushing mechanized cleaning towards a necessary change.

On the one hand, it becomes imperative to be skilled accordingly to understand what is required and to master regulations and certifications, on the other, it is essential to use intelligent machines, capable of exploiting the benefits of modern technology and becoming, in addition to a practical help, also a source of information.

In this scenario, training becomes a valuable tool, which allows professionals to be competitive, to stand out from all the rest of ​​cleaning services. For this reason, Fimap has created a school, the Fimap Academy, which provides training courses for all the figures in the cleaning sector, dealers, technicians, operators and contractors, offering specialized courses to each one.

Topics such as site analysis, costs and operational needs are examined, along with the requirements of the regulations in force and the ways to respond to them.
The training plan includes courses dedicated to in-depth analysis of services related to machines, and their relevance in the site management, such as telemetry and correct interpretation of data.
Environmental issues are explored as well, with particular attention to the collection of information on the on-site impact of machines and on improvement activities.
For technicians and operators, courses are available on the use of technologies and innovations of the latest generation machines, on maintenance activities and on the management of technical assistance.

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