Hybrid Technology

The autonomy of the gasoline engine meets the clean energy of the battery power.

The search for more sustainable solutions has led us to develop a hybrid power system that combines a gasoline engine with an electric one. 

The hybrid technology offers the advantage of exploiting the benefits of the two worlds, namely the absence of emissions and the quietness of the batteries on the one hand, and the prolonged working autonomy of the petrol engine on the other. For this reason, we chose to combine the hybrid technology with FSR, which is a very versatile and compact sweeping machine, suitable to work both indoors and outdoors, thus offering to the market one solution for two different cleaning needs.

The batteries are charged while the machine is gasoline powered. This system allows the two power supplies to be alternated, bringing the autonomy of work up to 7.5 hours with only 3.5 liters of fuel.

The advantages of a working cycle powered by hybrid technology

Up to 7.5 non-stop working hours

Very low consumptions and great autonomy: up to 40,000 sq. m. with a full tank of gasoline

Very silent, 60,5 dB (A)*

More than 4 hours with zero emissions when electrically powered

Up to 69% CO2 reduction

Dramatic time reduction for battery charge

Possibility to work indoors and outdoors with great versatility

High reliability

Low maintenance costs

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