Carbon Footprint Systematic Approach

Choosing Fimap is good for the environment

Current climate change is caused mainly by human activities. As manufacturers of cleaning machines, we believe it is our duty to consider the environmental consequences of using them. Their function is essential and necessarily involves the use of natural resources. We want to do our part to contribute to the environmental sustainability goals highlighted by the 2015 Paris Agreement, and to combat climate change through a sustainable production, committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and raising environmental awareness among users.

The latest generation of scrubbing machines have achieved the CFP - Systematic Approach certificate according to the ISO 14067:2018 regulation, related to the calculation method of the amount of CO2eq emitted over the entire life cycle per unit of cleaned surface. This means that we are able to provide real data that describes the actual environmental performance of our scrubbing machines for every sq. m cleaned.

What is CFP?

The Product Carbon Footprint describes the total amount of greenhouse gases generated by a product during its entire life cycle, from the design, UPSTREAM, during its use, CORE, up to the disposal, DOWNSTREAM. The resulting amount is the total impact of the product on the environment. 

Why is it important?

It is the only valid method for the assessment of the environmental impact of scrubbing machines. Being aware of the real impact allows you to start activities to preserve or even reduce it over time, thus improving the environmental performance of your company. Fimap services enable a real time measuring and monitoring of cleaning activities, in order to optimize the performance and take into account corrective actions to avoid inconsistent cost and waste.

What are the benefits?

The CFP brings both environmental and economic advantages which concern all types of contractors from the small to the big ones:


The data provided is real and certified. It reports the amount of CO2eq emitted by the machine for its entire life cycle, and for the specific working site.


Once the real value of the environmental impact is obtained, actions can be taken to offset or neutralize it, investing in projects that support the environment


It is the only data able to describe the environmental impact of the mechanized cleaning activity and to respond to the environmental requisites of tenders.


It helps improving the company environmental policy, qualifying the operational aspects and adding value to the quality of the service offered.


Services such as the Fimap Fleet Management allow you to monitor environmental performance over time and have a detailed account of the aspects that need to be corrected or that can be improved, so that the result could meet the expectations on an ongoing basis.

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