Maxima 50 E/B/BT Maxima 50 E/B/BT

Maxima 50 E/B/BT

Maxima 60 E/BT Maxima 60 E/BT

Maxima 60 E/BT

Maxima 50 BTS Maxima 50 BTS

Maxima 50 BTS

Maxima 50 BTO Maxima 50 BTO

Maxima 50 BTO

Made to last!

Maxima is a robust scrubbing machine made with the best components shaped in a striking design.
Painstaking attention to design and the use of top-quality materials have produced a resistant, reliable model that will last over time,
reducing the costs throughout its life cycle.

Maximum flexibility in terms of equipment.
Available in various configurations - basic, Pro and Plus - with disc brush, cylindrical brush or orbital pad.
With Maxima, you really can create your ideal scrubbing machine: choose the model and instrument panel,
then enhance it with the most suitable accessories for your own specific requirements.

Ideal for cleaning : supermarkets, warehouses, production sites, gyms, car showrooms and workshops.



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Organisation certified with Q.C.B Italia:
ISO 9001:2015,
ISO 14001:2015,
ISO 45001

Organisation certified with SGS:
SA 8000:2014

Organisation certified with ICMQ:
ISO 14067:2018

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