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The #thisisfimap experience introduces you to a completely new world and a new cleaning dimension for professionals who want much more from a scrubbing machine than just a machine for cleaning. It is an experience that moves away from a conventional approach and one that, once you have tried it, leaves its mark and the desire to be part of a radical change.

This change is made through a range of scrubbing machines which has been designed to meet strict criteria that increase the value of the product and the service.

The design incorporates great attention to detail in both the interior and exterior. The harmony of the shapes is studied to integrate with the environment in order to convey skill, safety, and reliability. The structure is robust and built from high quality materials.

It is a high performing range and one in which technology supports cleaning with tools and programs that increase the power when necessary in order to tackle all dirt condition without wasting time.

The new scrubbing machines are equipped with a complete package of safety systems. Its aim is to prevent accidents and provide immediate assistance in the event of an emergency so that you can work with the utmost peace of mind.

Control is via a touch screen display that enhances the user experience to make it more intuitive than ever before and offers the possibility to memorize personalized cleaning programs so that nothing is left to chance and you always get the desired result.

Every machine offers a series of solutions designed to reduce environmental impact with a strong focus on reducing water consumption. They include automatic devices, scrubbing programs and a detergent solution recycling system.

Every environment has its own requirements and machine configuration can be vital if you want to operate in the best possible way without wasting time. For this reason, the latest generation scrubbing machines are fully configurable. You can create your own ideal model equipped with exactly what you need without having to settle for anything less.

Nowadays, we use our smartphones in many of our day-to-day activities. Now, you can do the same thing with your scrubbing machine or fleet. You can have all the most important data, i.e. conditions of use, number of square meters cleaned and consumption, in the palm of your hand to make the service you provide quite simply the best!
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