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Поломоечная машина PERFORMANCE Поломоечная машина PERFORMANCE
Поломоечная машина PERFORMANCE
Поломоечная машина ORIGINAL Поломоечная машина ORIGINAL
Поломоечная машина ORIGINAL
Санификатор для пола Санификатор для пола
Санификатор для пола
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Подметальные машины
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Fimap - 2020 Season's Greetings #thisisfimap
Fimap - 2020 Season's Greetings
E-Spray │ Electrostatic Spray Gun │ Electrostatic Hygienization Technology The electrostatic charge causes the particles to be attracted to the surface, which ensures that they settle even in the hardest to reach places. Fimap's E-Spray is perfect for sanitizing gym equipment, supermarket and store counters and checkouts, high-touch surfaces ...
E-Spray │ Pistola Spray Elettrostatica │ Tecnologia di Igienizzazione Elettrostatica La carica elettrostatica porta le particelle ad essere attratte dalla superficie assicurando, che queste vadano a depositarsi proprio nei punti più difficili. E-Spray di Fimap è perfetta per igienizzare le attrezzature di una palestra, banconi e casse di supermercati e ...
Fimap Orbitizer | Cordless scrubber Fimap Orbitizer is a professional cordless scrubber that can reach any corner, in any environment, and perform a number of treatments on all types of floors.
With the 36V lithium battery you can take Orbitizer wherever you need it without ...
E-Spray │ Pistola Spray Elettrostatica │ Tecnologia di igienizzazione elettrostatica | short E-Spray è il modo più semplice per nebulizzare velocemente ed efficacemente soluzioni igienizzanti. La carica elettrostatica fa in modo che la soluzione avvolga completamente gli oggetti, con una copertura a 360°. Velocizza la sanificazione con E-Spray!
E- Spray │ Professional Spray Gun │ Electrostatic hygienization technology | short E-Spray is the easiest way to spray quickly and effectively sanitizing solutions! The electrostatic charge makes the chemical completely envelop objects delivering a 360-degree coverage. Speed up sanitization with E-Spray!



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