New Magna by Fimap: designed to be your ideal scrubbing machine

For the results to satisfy our expectations, it's vital to have the right tool in hand. Magna is a scrubbing machine whose versions, equipment and optional extras offer optimum flexibility and the extraordinary opportunity to configure exactly the machine you need.
Handy and safe in every place, from the factory to the shopping centre

The characteristic Fimap design ensures exceptional comfort, while the use of modern technology brings power and safety to the highest levels. Designed for cleaning large areas, both commercial and industrial, Magna welcomes the operator into a comfortable space that guarantees full visibility and the complete control of the functions - all commanded via the touch-screen display on the steering wheel. The seat is comfortable, with arm-rests and safety belts. An overheadguard with bumper kit is also available upon request, for greater protection when working in warehouses and storage centres. When moving, the machine is clearly visible thanks to its LED headlights and blinking light, and manoeuvres are made safer by the simultaneous action of the reverse sensors and the rear view camera.
During transfers, for example when moving from one area of an underground car park to another, Magna maintains a constant speed, without any power loss, on both uphill and downhill stretches up to 18%. And with the Stop&Go traction control system, the machine comes to a standstill as soon as the pedal is released, ensuring optimum safety even in the event of sudden stops.
If the operator is in difficulty because of a fault or malfunctioning, he can stop the machine by pressing the Emergency Stop button and request immediate assistance by pressing the SOS key on the instrument panel.
The technology that improves performance

The touch-screen display makes Magna much more user-friendly, and allows for additional functions for improving performance, such as the possibility to store various personalised scrubbing programs or train the operator in use and maintenance with the aid of video tutorials. One of the functions available is Power mode, which temporarily increases the scrubbing power to handle particularly hard situations of dirt without any problems. A wide range of optional extras means the chosen Magna model can be configured to obtain exactly the scrubbing machine you need. If the place of work is a warehouse, where the profiles are irregular and there are often obstacles dotted around the floor, equipping the machine with side brushes can make all the difference in terms of performance, as can the use of the spray gun or vacuum wand. Magna is ideal for cleaning large commercial surfaces, with solutions that safeguard the environment and make it easy to use even during opening times. Like Eco mode for maintenance cleaning, with reduced consumption of resources and very low noise levels. And then there's the new FLR – Fimap Long Range water recycling system (available upon request) that filters the water collected so it can be re-used. This increases productivity enormously, enabling a larger surface to be cleaned with the same amount of water.
Magna owners will always be up to date with what's happening, even if they're not physically present, thanks to the FFM – Fimap Fleet Management system.
This new Fimap service offers a complete picture of the state of the scrubbing machine, from its condition of health to the square metres cleaned and the consumption figures, all easy to consult via a smartphone using the My.Machine app.

Magna represents a new concept of scrubbing machines, designed to offer much more than a clean floor: it increases safety, improves results, avoids unexpected events, and helps save time and resources. What's more, connectivity means it's finally possible to truly manage the cleaning tasks, providing the right tools to improve the quality of the service and boost productivity.

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