Responsibility towards the environment is a theme that has always been part of Fimap’s history. Since the use of natural resources in cleaning sector is essential, their protection has played a decisive role in the design of new products and in the development of technologies and services from the very beginning. While growing, the company has continued to develop projects to safeguard the environment, aware that growth inevitably entails responsibilities towards the planet we inhabit, and towards those who choose and trust Fimap.

In recent years, the activities in support of the environment have merged into the project Let's be a Zero: an invitation, an exhortation to participate in a journey towards a green future. It’s also a provocation in which zero is a score to be proud of: it is the zero of emissions, of carbon neutrality.

It is the declaration of a mission but also a way to invite all the businesses involved to be part of it, suppliers, distribution network, cleaning contractors and users, so as to implement actions in several directions, to be carried out both inside and outside the company, and before, during and after the product. To achieve solid results in reducing emissions, action cannot be taken only in one direction, it is essential to take a wider view, to have a global approach that takes into account all the aspects, strategic and operational, from the beginning to the end of the process, from the concept of the product to the end of its life.

From circular economy to the CFP
It all starts with a design style that follows the circular economy principles, with the goal of extending product life and minimizing waste.
The result is an enhancement of the three phases of the life cycle: the upstream phase, that is the product birth, the core, the moment in which it performs its functions, and finally the downstream, the final phase.
From this point of view, in order to pursue a sustainable attitude, appropriate choices are made right from the beginning, with the selection of raw materials, then involve production and logistics, continue with use and maintenance and end with disposal and recycling. If a conscious selection of materials is made from the beginning, once the product has completed its function, the materials of which it is composed can be reintroduced and reused, generating further value.
In the use phase, technology becomes the key factor for a more conscious approach to cleaning, in which sustainability is not just based on a mere reduction of consumption, but is made with an intelligent use of resources, remote monitoring of performance, preventive maintenance, training, tailored cleaning programs and customized machine configuration.

This is how the scrubbing machines of the Performance range were born, designed according to a new vision of cleaning that focuses on sustainability in a scientific way. Indeed, the combination of products and services realized with the Fimap Method, allows a functional management of the machine, bringing advantages to each cleaning site in terms of operation, productivity and efficiency. The scrubbing machines of the Performance range are designed to be set up according to the actual needs of cleaning sites, for which Fimap provides on-site advice as well. Performance scrubber dryers can memorize different cleaning programs to ensure that the results and consumption expected for operations are respected, and setting errors are avoided. Operators can rely on the built-in video tutorials that provide ongoing training on proper use and maintenance, thus protecting the machine from misuse.
Customized preventive maintenance plans are provided in order to maintain efficiency over time and extend product life.
These models allow systematic cleaning management and remote control based on real data provided by the machines themselves, thanks to the FFM - Fimap Fleet Management monitoring system. Knowledge of the data enables more precise measures to be taken to optimize the use of resources and batteries, implement plans for continuous improvement of performance and ensure proper use of the machine.

With these features, Fimap's latest generation scrubber dryers have become the first in the world to achieve CFP certification through Systematic Approach, according to UNI EN ISO 14067:2018.
The achievement of the CFP Systematic Approach certifies an evaluation process to calculate the CO2e emitted per sq. m. cleaned, which also allows to calculate the footprint of a cleaning operation, so as to be able to activate appropriate procedures to progressively improve performance and offset emissions, thus achieving zero impact.

This is how the path to zero that begins within Fimap reaches outward, bringing benefits to all stakeholders.
It involves the distributor, which can successfully address to strategic customers, increase its competitiveness and provide, in addition to the product, related services with which it can optimize the management of assistance and consequently reduce costs. Cleaning contractors can increase operations efficiency and include in their environmental policy a cleaning service of high quality clean and reduced CO2 emissions.
All customers can count on customized cleaning mechanization projects to reduce and control costs and benefit from specialized support based on consulting and training which ensures continuous improvement in results and performance.


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