The productivity of Fimap’s Performance Line reaches the smallest spaces with the new GL and GxL scrubber driers.

The Performance Line expands with two compact yet innovative scrubber dryers. GL and GxL scrubber dryers bring the technology and efficiency of Fimap's most advanced range of machines to the small-sized environments, both commercial and industrial.

Small and powerful, they give extraordinary results even in demanding conditions
Perfect for stores, small supermarkets, canteens, gyms and wellness centres, they can become essential in the industrial sector too, when space become smaller, for example along the production lines of a factory, inside rooms where large industrial machinery is used, in processing and food production laboratories.
They perfectly combine agility and power, to clean in places where space is confined, and dirt requires intensive action. GxL with a brush pressure of up to 40 kg, effectively removes even difficult, greasy, thick, and adherent dirt.
Drying performance is guaranteed by the parabolic squeegee, which follows the movements of the machine even when the path is not straight and curves have to be made, in order to avoid obstacles and furnishings. In these cases, the large wheels provide stability and smooth maneuvers, while the robust design protects the components inside, in case of accidental impacts.

User-centered design
GL and GxL feature many solutions developed to make the operator’s job easier, so that he can save time in preparation and maintenance activities and earn it during cleaning.
To start at once a maintenance cleaning intervention the operator just needs to switch on the Eco mode function which enables a low consumption work configuration ideal when dirt is light.
The colour code shows at a glance which parts need to be cleaned at the end of the shift. The recovery tank is easily unhooked for cleaning and comfortably carried for emptying by a large handle. The battery compartment door opens completely until it leans on the ground and becomes a practical battery replacement holder.
The handlebar is adjustable in height and inclination according to the operator's needs, to guarantee comfortable use without fatigue, and can be completely closed over the machine to store it safely and neatly.  

The technology that enhances the value of your service
As the other models in the Performance range, GL and GxL are much more than just cleaning machines.
They are designed for professionals who want to raise the quality and competitiveness of their service through a more careful management of interventions.
They provide the technology needed to organize the cleaning plan precisely, with greater control over consumption, usage and availability, which avoids unforeseen events and helps to achieve superior results. All of this is achieved through the FFM - Fimap Fleet Management system that tracks the machine usage.
Now it is finally possible to have the control on consumption, interventions, cleaned surface and batteries state of health even for small spaces. The information collected completes the overview of the fleet, giving a more effective report that does not exclude even one square meter.
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