Going beyond cleaning: Fimap presents the new range of machines to spray sanitizing solutions

As pointed out by the health authorities, adequate hygiene procedures are decisive to counter the spread of the new Coronavirus.
Today, cleaning alone is no longer enough. The sanitization procedures, that recently have been introduced in an extraordinary way into cleaning interventions, are now to be considered as a routine requirement. But such improvement involves the growth of three main factors: costs, time and procedures. The professional sector must provide a solution to this scenario. Fimap has developed a line of products that mechanize sanitization, so that it can be carried out with the same systematic approach used in the normal cleaning activities. The new line atomizes sanitizing solutions using two technologies, pneumatic and hydraulic.

SANITIZER: a line to quickly sanitize environments
The Sanitizer line uses the pneumatic technology: through high pressure it sprays a liquid into very fine drops and transports them up to 2 meters away. The fine droplets produce two advantages. The first one is the effectiveness, because the smaller are the drops, the higher is the contact area. The second one is the quick drying time, as they do not leave the surfaces wet. This technology is available with the KSANEX, BMg Sanitizer and MMg Sanitizer models, with which sanitizing solutions can be sprayed once cleaning is complete, in the case of floors, after the passage with a scrubber dryer.
KSANEX is suitable for manual and targeted atomization of sanitizing solutions. With this model you can enter small rooms and offices or shops, locker rooms and waiting rooms. It has a 4.5 litre tank and is equipped with wheels, so it is very comfortable for moving inside rooms. Even more comfort is provided by the KSANEX B battery-powered version, with which you can also reach areas where there is not a power outlet nearby.
BMg Sanitizer and MMg Sanitizer are ride-on machines equipped with nozzles to deliver sanitizing solutions on large surfaces. BMg Sanitizer covers up to 106,000 sq. m. of floor and can work for up to 5 hours, while MMg Sanitizer covers up to 327,000 sq.m. and works for up to 6.5 hours.
MMg Sanitizer is even equipped with nozzles in the upper part of the tank, with which can spray also on vertical surfaces and reach furniture, office tables, supermarket counters or workbenches in production lines.
These models speed up the sanitizing operations in large environments, spraying the sanitizer as they pass, so in a short time you can cover large areas, inside factories, schools, or stations. For professionals who already have a fleet, just one Sanitizer model every 5 scrubber driers can be enough to meet the sanitization requirements.

DISINFECTOR line: now it is possible to clean and sanitize at the same time.
With the hydraulic technology, on the other hand, the sprayed droplets are slightly larger than the pneumatic ones and can reach up to 3 meters. This technology is used in BMg, MMg and Magna Disinfector models. In this case Fimap took up the challenge to provide the market with a line of machines that carries out up to 4 actions in one step: sweeping, scrubbing, drying and sanitizing.
The special feature of the Disinfector versions is the combination of hydraulic with electrostatic technologies, which increases the spraying efficiency. With the electrical charge provided to the solution, the particles are brought to repel each other, thus keeping a constant distance between them, so as to provide an even distribution of the solution. At the same time, they are attracted by the surface on which they are directed, thus ensuring the second benefit, a 360-degree coverage of the surface.
Objects and vertical walls are thus enveloped by a cloud that reaches each side without leaving out any areas. The sanitizing coating does not require drying, ensuring proper dwell times.
The benefit in large environments is extraordinary: just think to the possibility of sweeping, scrubbing, drying and sanitizing the aisles of a warehouse or a supermarket in one step, while spraying the sanitizer also on furniture and shelves, or inside stations, to cover even benches and waste containers.

E-SPRAY, for the sanitization of small areas
The electrostatic technology is extremely effective, which is why Fimap has also used it for the new E-Spray professional spray gun. Lightweight, powered by a lithium-ion battery, it can be comfortably used anywhere, without being tied down by a cable.
An electrostatic sprayer, so small that it can be carried in one hand, offers the great benefit of reaching even areas where it is difficult to use a machine, and therefore to sanitize any hidden spot, where there is more danger for germs and bacteria to develop, such as checkouts in shops and supermarkets or keyboards and telephones in offices and door, cabinets and archive handles.
E-Spray is thus suitable for many different industries. After cleaning the surface with water and detergent, which in the case of floors can be done with a small scrubber dryer, you can start spraying the sanitizing solution with E-Spray. It becomes an indispensable accessory in small environments: combined with a cleaning trolley or a scrubbing machine, it allows to carry out cleaning and sanitizing during the same intervention, considerably reducing the related costs and times.
Since it is not necessary to dry the surface with a cloth, E-Spray avoids the possibility of cross contamination and reduces the production of special waste such as disposable paper cloths.

Fimap Fleet Management lets you track the sanitizing interventions
The ride on models BMg Sanitizer, MMg Sanitizer and the Disinfector versions of BMg, MMg and Magna can be equipped with the FFM – Fimap Fleet Management system.
Professionals can thus remotely monitor the performance of the sanitization activity, check at any time the progress of operations, and obtain reports to document the activity to their customers. The reports can reduce the risk of responsibility in case of closure for Covid-19.
The new Fimap line provides professionals with an effective answer to the needs of many different environments, to systematically solve regular sanitization without increasing time and costs.
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