Fimap launches a line of machines to quickly sanitize environments

Covid-19 pandemic has profoundly upset the dynamics of everyday life, distancing people from the spaces they used to frequent to work, shop, study or do sport. To regain those spaces, it is necessary to make them safe for health, with further activities that are added to cleaning, aimed at sanitizing and disinfecting.
Fimap immediately reacted to this need and developed new machines to sanitize surfaces quickly. In this way, environments can be made safe in a much shorter time than what is needed for the manual sanitization.
BMg Sanitizer and MMg Sanitizer are on-board sanitizing machines that deliver the disinfectant solution uniformly through a series of nozzles. After having carried out the normal cleaning of the floors to remove the dirt, the passage with these models allows to conclude the intervention by sanitizing the surfaces, thus making them safer and reducing the bacterial load.

BMg Sanitizer covers up to 106.000 sq.m of floor space and can work up to 5 hours continuous, while MMg Sanitizer covers up to 327.000 sq.m for 6,5 hours continuous. MMg Sanitizer is also equipped with nozzles at the top of the tank, which vaporize the disinfectant also on furniture, office tables, supermarket counters or workbenches in production lines.
BMg Sanitizer and MMg Sanitizer make the sanitization of environments easier to perform and therefore more suitable to become part of the normal cleaning routine. If the current conditions are extraordinary and require emergency sanitization, it will be necessary that sanitization is carried out regularly and become part of the ordinary cleaning process of common places. BMg Sanitizer and MMg Sanitizer are essential tools to make supermarkets, shopping centres, industries, factories, schools, offices or gyms safer for people.
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