Fimap finds the ideal combination to mechanize transportation vehicle cleaning

The means of transport are crossed every day by a continuous flow of people sharing the same small space for short or even long journeys. Fimap’s FV-CART vacuum cleaner and the Orbitizer orbital machine are the ideal equipment in transportation sector.

E-Spray arrives at Wimbledon

Wimbledon staff use E-Spray to disinfect the seats on centre court before the start of play.

Fimap and its commitment to zero emissions

Responsibility towards the environment is a theme that has always been part of Fimap’s history. Since the use of natural resources in cleaning sector is essential, their protection has played a decisive role in the design of new products and in the development of technologies and services from the very beginning.

All the floor treatments you can think of, in the most inaccessible spaces, with just one cordless machine: here is Fimap’s Orbitizer

Sometimes it is difficult to complete cleaning interventions as expected: few small areas can be left out because the machine in use cannot pass through a passage that is too narrow, or too low.

The productivity of Fimap’s Performance Line reaches the smallest spaces with the new GL and GxL scrubber driers.

The Performance Line expands with two compact yet innovative scrubber dryers. GL and GxL scrubber dryers bring the technology and efficiency of Fimap's most advanced range of machines to the small-sized environments, both commercial and industrial.

Going beyond cleaning: Fimap presents the new range of machines to spray sanitizing solutions

As pointed out by the health authorities, adequate hygiene procedures are decisive to counter the spread of the new Coronavirus. Today, cleaning alone is no longer enough.

Fimap launches a line of machines to quickly sanitize environments

BMg Sanitizer and MMg Sanitizer make the sanitization of environments easier to perform and therefore more suitable to become part of the normal cleaning routine

At the 2019 CMS in Berlin Fimap presented the new range division for scrubbing machines

The new range division for scrubbing machines is a significant step for the company's future projects.

MxL scrubbing machine: power in an extra large size

The new MxL walk-behind scrubbing machine has been designed in line with the cleaning style represented by the new-generation Fimap machines; that is, advanced machines that provide help, collect data, communicate and support the activity, to improve the efficiency of cleaning operations.

Fimap presents new products, 2.0 services and a virtual tour at Pulire 2019

At the 2019 edition of the Pulire trade fair, Fimap made new contributions, and not just from its product line. It talked about the environment, the future and services.

BMg, the evolution of #thisisfimap in its smallest form

With 7 watchwords, Fimap has created a shared standard for all latest-generation scrubbing machines. Robustness, power, safety, simplicity, sustainability, configurability and connectivity are essential qualities of Fimap solutions

New Magna by Fimap: designed to be your ideal scrubbing machine

For the results to satisfy our expectations, it's vital to have the right tool in hand. Magna is a scrubbing machine whose versions, equipment and optional extras offer optimum flexibility and the extraordinary opportunity to configure exactly the machine you need.

Experience #thisisfimap at Interclean Amsterdam 2018

This year Fimap brought the #thisisfimap philosophy to the Interclean stage. A true stage, on which the latest developments, the BMg ride-on and the Genie XL and MXL walk-behind scrubbing machines, dominated the scene, while in the background a LED wall demonstrated how this new strategy can revolutionize the work of those who purchase and use the latest generation of Fimap machines.

Here's how Fimap is changing the concept of scrubbing machines: #thisisfimap

#thisisfimap identifies a range of scrubbing machines developed in accordance with a new style of design, where the very concept of a scrubbing machine is deconstructed and each part is reconsidered

Quality is the key to cost reduction: Fimap proves it with the new Maxima

Maxima is the most recent product of #thisisfimap philosophy. Considering market and, more specifically its customer needs, Fimap has designed a top quality machine, sturdy, reliable and equipped with technologies able to reduce cleaning costs.

Pulire 2017: Fimap presents a new product range, offering a new vision of professional cleaning

Technology is transforming the way we live and work. Applying the same process of transformation to the professional cleaning sector can bring significant advantages.

Discover the FFM universe and experience the advantages of being constantly connected

Fimap Fleet Management (FFM) helps cleaning professionals improve the performance of their fleet. This system transforms the data received from the machines into information that is essential for optimizing how they are managed.

Fimap introduces the new MMg Plus: with technology that reduces costs

In the healthcare sector, it is not enough for surfaces to look clean and tidy. These environments must be made hygienically safe. The dirt found in these surroundings is not particularly challenging to remove, but frequent maintenance cleaning is required in order to safeguard the health of patients.

Fimap MMg scrubbing machines: technology that helps you save

Industrial flooring demands robust machines which offer great performance. Cleaning warehouses, logistics centres and production areas means moving across large spaces, which are often hindered by obstacles and very dirty. The new MMg is an ideal scrubbing machine for this sector, courtesy of a range of innovative systems that improve safety, performance and comfort.

MMg, the scrubbing machine that reduces the cost of cleaning

Demand is growing within the large-scale retail sector for solutions that can be used to perform cleaning operations during daytime opening hours. For large chain stores, shopping centres and supermarkets which experience high traffic, postponing cleaning until the end of the day is no longer feasible.

New MMg by Fimap: designed to astonish

MMg is a unique combination of quality, technology and sustainability. Boasting an innovative style unlike any other scrubbing machine and designed with minute attention to every detail, there's no doubt that this is a truly superior class of product.

Fimap at Issa/Interclean: new offerings for digital cleaning

This year saw Fimap put on a yet another memorable showing at Issa/Interclean, impressing not only for the number of new products presented, but, above all, for their quality.

With the Genie XS, Fimap offers on-demand professional cleaning power

Created as an evolution of the Genie, the new Genie XS is a walk-behind scrubbing machine combining compact dimensions and lithium batteries to deliver outstanding performance. The result is the perfect machine for the professional who needs to perform multiple cleaning jobs during a single working day, even in different locations.

It’s time to evolve: FIMOP has arrived

FIMOP is not only a scrubber dryer, but the scrubber dryer that realizes the dream of millions of shops, cafés and similar small businesses still confined to use bucket and mop.
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