The vacuum cleaner that follows you everywhere

The battery powered FV-CART vacuum cleaner is a powerful and handy professional trolley model, suitable for cleaning operations in which it is necessary to change environment often. It is powered by a lithium battery that ensures the maximum mobility, without being tied down by a cable, and continuous availability, since it can be recharged at any time, so that is always ready to use. It is equipped with a full set of on-board accessories to help you easily and conveniently solve different cleaning needs. The stair climbing wheels make transfer effortless even on steps.

It is ideal for cleaning contractors, for applications in the transportation sector, on trains, planes and buses, as well as in hotels, offices and waiting rooms.

Professional results are ensured by the standard equipment

- Double filtering system, comprising a high filtration paper filter bag and a fabric filter
- Telescopic aluminum tube, lightweight and adaptable to the needed height
- Stair climbing wheels, to easily overcome possible steps
- Extendable and adjustable carrying handle
- On-board set of accessories, housed in the trolley body
- 36V Li-ion battery and battery charger

Further optional accessories with which you can customize your model

- Hepa filters, for fine dust filtration
- Set of nozzles: turbo nozzle, suitable for rugs and carpet floors; pet nozzle, specifically for removing pet hairs from fabrics, which are lifted from the treated surface by the cylindrical brush; mini turbo brush, ideal for the deep cleaning of small fabric surfaces, like the seats of planes, trains, and offices
- FFM - Fimap Fleet Management Lite Wi-Fi which shows on the portal data about the machine position, the duration of the interventions carried out, any anomalies and the servicing performed.



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