FS100 B/D FS100 B/D

FS100 B/D

FS120 B/D/Bifuel FS120 B/D/Bifuel

FS120 B/D/Bifuel

Comfort and power for perfect vacuuming

The FS100-120 sweeping machines have been designed to facilitate the collection of solid debris and light dust. They are available with central brushes of two different widths: 100 and 120 cm, and battery- or diesel-powered. The FS120 model is also available with a Bifuel endothermic engine, which allows the machine to be used with a more ecological fuel (LPG).
They are the best in the range in terms of performance, power, strength and adaptability to heavy duty tasks. A second side brush is available upon request.

They are suitable for cleaning large areas, up to 40,000 sq.m., with large amounts of dust and coarse residues from milling industries, mining, port areas, car parks and airports.



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