Technologies for the environment

We develop technologies that help keep productivity up while optimizing the use of resources.

As they are designed for cleaning, it is natural for our machines to consume water, energy and detergents. For this reason, we equip them with solutions that optimise the use of resources and reduce consumption. Fimap sustainable technologies are environmentally friendly and also involve the user in the responsible use of resources, offering several advantages at the same time. Thanks to a better use of resources the application of these technologies guarantees:

a reduction in cost per sq.m. cleaned
greater operating endurance
time saving
better cleaning results
greater surface coverage with the same resources


The Eco Mode sets a working configuration that reduces noise and saves energy, water and detergent.


Detergent and water are dosed separately: in this way the machine uses only the necessary amount of water and the correct percentage of detergent according to the type of dirt to be removed, avoiding waste and the use of excessive amounts of solution which then can be difficult to remove.


It is a water recycling technology that increases operating endurance, thus saving time. With this system, productivity per cleaning operation is increased, as the number of stops needed for emptying and filling the tanks is reduced and more sq.m. can be cleaned with the same load of detergent solution. The consumption of water and detergent per cleaning operation is reduced by 66%* and operator safety in enhanced, as there is less contact with the chemical product.
*Saving calculated on a triple recycling cycle


The orbital movement ensures excellent results on any surface. Since each point of the pad is always in contact with the floor, the result is always uniform over the entire surface, with reduced energy consumption. The movement of the pad holds the solution inside, without any lateral leaks, thus reducing water consumption.


Working system with touch-screen display that transforms cleaning operations into a revolutionary experience. It offers high visibility and facilitates an immediate and intuitive use of all functions, managed by a single digital interface. It allows you to activate the cleaning programs, to record new ones, to view video tutorials and, in ride on models, to access the rear view camera.


It increases the flow rate of the detergent solution, simultaneously to pressure and suction power, for the time necessary to face difficult dirt situations.


Lithium batteries greatly increase operating potential, as they recharge faster and allow optimal energy management. They deliver the right power for each application and have excellent endurance.


The hybrid power supply combines the autonomy of the gasoline engine with the clean energy of battery power. The ability of hybrid technology to regenerate energy is good for the environment, it allows to work mainly using clean energy, thus reducing CO2 emissions by up to 69%.


FFM is Fimap Fleet Management system which collects the data sent by the machines and transforms it into valuable information accessible to you easily in real time through the FFM portal or the app My.Machine. At any time is possible to know the location, way of use, performance, consumption and environmental impact of each machine, the entire fleet, per site or per cleaning shift.


When the machine is idle, the brush motor, vacuum motor, traction water flow are automatically turned off, thus reducing costs and emissions.

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