Optional accessories

The right extras can give a considerable boost to your business.

They are developed specifically to increase the productivity, efficiency, safety and ease of our scrubber dryers in any cleaning site.
We have created the most extensive range of possible configurations to help you find exactly the tools you need, thus not missing anything. The right configuration will let you enhance efficiency and performance, save time and resources, as well as reduce cost of use and maintenance.




Managing a fleet is not easy. In order to be sure that everything is carried out according to plan, we know you would be on the site everyday and see for yourself that the program is respected. FFM gives you exactly that power! FFM shortens the distance, making you feel like being on site with every machine of your fleet. And it lets you know a lot more! FFM allows you to monitor the status of each machine, its workload, consumption and maintenance, so that you can improve the fleet management and reduce costs.


It could happen, in some industries more than others, to have to deal with wet or dry dirt, settled in areas difficult to be reached with a machine. If you are aware that it could occur also in the sites of your project, the vacuum wand is a tool you can’t leave behind. The powerful suction collects dirt, while the rubber blade ensures perfect drying in case of wet residues.


It’s an essential tool when the areas to be cleaned feature shelves or other similar furniture. The side brush moves 15 cm sideways, thus cleaning perfectly along walls and under shelves. In this way the entire room is cleaned, and nothing is left behind.



The side brushes increase the cleaning path and thus productivity. They collect more dirt in a single pass and, thanks to their external position, clean easily along walls


On irregular surfaces, like tiled floors, drying needs special attention. The dual motor ensures excellent drying performance on uneven floors as well. The power of the dual 3-stage vacuum motors increases the suction force and the water collection capacity, thus allowing to work more quickly and enhancing productivity in any condition.



The dosing system on board ensures you that the amount of detergent solution supplied is adjusted to real needs. As an example, heavy duty cleaning requires more water and detergent than maintenance cleaning, that usually features non-sticky dirt. The dosing system lets you save water when possible and prevents from using more detergent than necessary.


Looking for a solution to save water? In maintenance cleaning the solution is FLR. It’s a water recycling system which filters and cleans the detergent solution thus making it available again. It is suitable for the frequent cleaning of floors characterized by light dirt. Recycling water increases the working autonomy, enabling to clean more sq.m while using less resources. It reduces the use of detergent solution by up 66%* per intervention, thus increasing productivity by up 70%.
* Saving calculated on a triple recycling cycle



The SOS button is used to request prompt service. It directly warns the designated Authorized Workshop* that following a diagnostic on the machine detects the type of issue. In this way the engineer can head to the site already equipped with the necessary spare part, thus reducing waiting time, downtime and increasing your fleet efficiency.

* For those who sign one of the maintenance agreements

LED headlights

If you wonder how to make your scrubber dryers clearly visible in highly frequented sites, with the LED headlights you will be sure they’ll never go unnoticed. The white light draws attention to the moving machine, alerting the people in the environment you are cleaning. Furthermore, the LED headlights help to improve visibility during transfer and in poorly lit areas, like underground parking lots.


It is a real must when the scrubbing machine is used inside warehouses and logistics centers, where goods are stored and moved, and greater security is required. The overhead guard protects the operator while working without obstructing his view. It also includes the front bumper that protects the machine from possible shocks that could occur in particularly cluttered environments.


The operator’s place can be improved adding the set including seat armrests and safety belt. The armrests enhance comfort even during long shifts, while the seatbelt increases safety protecting the operator in any working condition.



It could happen to work in environments where at the end of the work there isn’t a tap around, maybe because it is placed where the shift started and going back would require more time. The spray gun allows you to use the fresh water in the solution tank to clean the recovery tank. It is an essential part of the routine maintenance, which must always be carried out, to avoid the development of bad smells, mold or dirt deposits that could compromise the machine functioning. It is a small accessory, that can give you great help.


Fimap battery chargers ensure maximum performance because they are made especially for the scrubbing machine you have chosen. They offer the great convenience of being able to recharge the machine wherever you are at the end of the shift, without having to return to a specific point on the route. Charging is very simple, it is just needed to plug the cable directly into the socket. They are compact, high-frequency and high-performance battery chargers, which therefore guarantee low consumption. Moreover, they record the last 30 charges performed, allowing you to understand if charging is carried out correctly. That information is essential to let you know the state of health of the batteries and ensure you that the batteries are treated with care, thus extending their life cycle.



Why keep waiting while filling up the tank, if you could instead spend that precious time doing something else? With the FFF system it is finally possible. It allows the water pipe to be fixed directly to the inlet and when the water reaches full level, a special device blocks the flow. So, while the tank fills up, the operator can take care of other activities, gaining time in the preparation phase.



A small hook on the side of the machine is a simple yet smart solution to hold and safely store the squeegee while performing maintenance at the end of the shift. So, the suction hose inlet is kept clear and ordinary cleaning can be carried out more easily.


If you already know that the floors in which the machine will be used are uneven, perhaps characterized by the presence of large joints, the supersoft wheels are just the plus for you. They reduce the stresses caused by the passage on discontinuous areas, thus increasing the comfort for the user.



Super-elastic wheels increase comfort for the operator working on uneven floors, especially characterized by grout lines. Their material, size and pattern absorb the stresses caused by the passage of the machine. Greater comfort to work better.

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