We encourage a responsible use of resources and are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our products throughout their life cycle.

We wish to play our part to safeguarding the planet with ecological and efficient products. Each new project represents a new path, new possibilities for improving the product and its impact on the environment, from the beginning to the end.

We are committed to raising the recyclability index of our machines and guaranteeing a long life-cycle. We design packaging with reduced volume in order to optimize the shipment process.

We develop innovative solutions to make the use of resources as efficient as possible, with particular care to water. Furthermore, since time is a precious resource too, we put in the hands of our customers products that are intuitive and quick to use and that require little maintenance.

Each of these choices also influences the management and ownership costs throughout the life cycle, so that nothing is wasted, and resources are used at their maximum.


As they are designed for cleaning, it is natural for our machines to consume water, energy and detergents. For this reason, we equip them with solutions that optimise the use of resources and reduce consumption.


Current climate change is caused mainly by human activities. As manufacturers of cleaning machines, we believe it is our duty to consider the environmental consequences of using them.


When we design our products, we always think about the impact they can have on the environment and we never stop asking ourselves how we can improve.

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