Cleaning professionals

For cleaning contractors, the most complicated obstacle is to balance the flawless cleanliness demanded by the customer with the costs that this service requires.

The Fimap range offers models for every size and type of environment, with which it’s easy to create a customized fleet. The scrubbing machines can be customized with specific technologies to adapt the performances to the sector in which they will be used, in order to obtain the maximum performance, limiting consumption, saving resources, and reducing the overall cost per sq. m. cleaned.

Through telemetry they provide real-time information about the mode of use and the trend of consumption, allowing you to always have control over the activity in each site and thus be able to identify more precisely the possibilities of improvement, in order to make the service more efficient.

Fimap workshop network guarantees accurate assistance and maintenance service wherever the machines are located. For contractors, this means having the fleet always operational and ready to offer an efficient service.

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