The industrial sector is very large, with facilities ranging from the processing of raw materials, others dedicated to manufacturing, to those designated to the sole assembly of goods.

Each facility produces a different type of dirt, according to the sector to which it belongs. Sectors dedicated to the production and processing of food, beverages, drugs or cosmetics are characterized by organic dirt, which is adherent and difficult to remove. At the same time, they need particular care, for the high level of hygiene required, as not to put consumers’ health at risk.

On the other hand, in the factories for goods manufacturing or assembly, dry dirt is more common, the concentration of dust may be higher, and it is even possible to have to deal with small residues.

Fimap proposes ride-on scrubber dryers suitable for cleaning large spaces effectively and quickly. In addition to the brush heads with disc brushes, models with cylindrical brushes are also available, useful for collecting small debris while scrubbing. It is possible to equip the machines with side brushes, to clean under shelving or along walls. Moreover, they can be provided with innovative technologies to increase power and easily tackle stubborn dirt, on-board recycling systems to re-use the detergent solution and safety devices such as anti-collision sensors and rear view camera.
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