A clean and welcoming environment put customers at ease, it helps them to enjoy a pleasant experience, which will make them return.

The customer who enters a shop takes his/her time to have a look around and evaluate what he/she is going to buy, and the image of the environment around could inevitably influence the choice. Furthermore, the same level of cleanliness must be guaranteed throughout the day, during the entire opening hours.

For this reason, it is essential that the scrubbing machine integrates with the environment and does not give the impression of being an obstacle, but rather it should highlight the great attention of the property to offer its customers a welcoming place. Furthermore, the scrubber dryer must be silent and leave the floor clean and immediately safe to be walked on.

Whether it is a shopping center, a chain of shops or a supermarket, Fimap is able to provide the most suitable choice of scrubber dryers to clean the floors of the entire structure. Each model can be equipped with specific solutions, such as functions to increase power when needed, essential for supermarkets, and sophisticated safety systems to perform the cleaning activity in the presence of people with total peace of mind.
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