Healthcare environments require special attention, as cleaning always takes place in the presence of people, whether they are in-patients or staff, so it should be discreet and not hinder normal activities.


The aim is not only to ensure a place clean and tidy, but more importantly, to make all the rooms hygienically safe.
Hospitals, clinics and nursing homes are made up of different types of environments. Some are highly frequented areas, passed through by many people coming from the outside, such as entrances, refreshment areas, corridors and reception halls. In other areas traffic is lower because restricted to in-patients and medical staff, and it is where the standard of hygiene required is very high.

Each area needs proper care and solutions able to solve specific problems. The Fimap range of scrubber dryers includes machines of various sizes, all characterized by the possibility of customizing the equipment according to specific needs: noise reduction systems, cleaning programs to set according to the area to be cleaned, increased suction power to leave the floor immediately safe.

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