Fimap developed a range for spreading sanitizing solution which includes both machines and equipment. The range allows to mechanize the sanitizing activity in the environments, in order to carry it out in a systematic way and guarantee a constant quality of intervention, saving time and costs.

The models are suitable for multiple industries and environments of different sizes. Two are the technologies used: hydraulic and pneumatic.

The pneumatic technology
The Sanitizer line uses the pneumatic technology. The high pressure sprays the liquid in very fine drops, which increase the effectiveness, since the smaller are the drops, the higher is the contact area. Drying is immediate because the surfaces do not get wet, allowing the sanitized area to be ready to be used again immediately.

The hydraulic technology
The Disinfector line uses the hydraulic technology. The atomized drops are slightly larger than the pneumatic ones. They create a light sanitizing film that does not need drying, ensuring proper contact times. The Disinfector models combine the hydraulic technology with the electrostatic one, thus guaranteeing an effective coverage. The sanitizing solution is supplied with an electrical charge that causes the particles to repel each other, a factor that ensures that a constant distance is maintained between them, so that the liquid is evenly spread. At the same time, they are attracted by the surface on which they are directed, ensuring a 360-degree coverage.

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