ORIGINAL scrubbing machines

Fimap scrubbing machines have been created to provide excellent cleaning in all types of environment, from small businesses to large industrial sites. Along with good results, the main goals are still reduced work times, low cost of ownership, consumption optimization, increased work efficiency and no waste resources.

They are made with an ergonomic design that provides the operator with the utmost comfort, full visibility in any situation and an intuitive interaction with the controls.

The service operations are extremely quick and easy thanks to the machine full accessibility, to the use of a color code for rapidly identifying the components to be sanitized regularly and to the creation of systems that allow you to carry out normal adjustments, checks and replacements without tools.

They are built with sturdy and reliable materials that contribute to the machine keeping its value over time. The decision for some models to employ aluminum for the chassis and the squeegee has helped make the machine strong, lighter and therefore reducing fatigue during use and raising the recyclability index.

Fimap scrubbing machines provide lower environmental impact thanks to the use of new technologies developed to eliminate waste and control the consumption of water, detergent and energy. The low level of noise is another very important characteristic that allows the machine to be used also in sensitive environments or during the daytime without disturbing anyone and reducing acoustic stress for the operator.
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