How can you choose the machine (product) that's best for your needs?

The Fimap machines destined for professional use are designed for the cleaning and maintenance of indoor and outdoor floors.

    Scrubbing machines are recommended for washing and drying indoor floors. You can also clean even, non-abrasive outdoor surfaces. They're mainly used for regular maintenance cleaning, but can also perform deep-down or special cleaning (when adapted for this function).

    The sweeping machines perform the same task as scrubbing machines, but to remove dirt that is not fixed to the floor. The mechanical action of the brush(es) removes the dirt, and the dust raised is sucked in and collected by the filter on the machine.

    Vacuum cleaners are suitable for removing dust or solids from surfaces in general (dry vacuum cleaner) and removing liquids from floors or containers (wet vacuum cleaner). A wide range of single and three-phase power supplies, with various solutions and special accessories, resolve all situations: from the occasional removal of dust to continuous suction on production lines, from the drying of a floor treated with a single disc machine, to the removal of special oils in a work centre.

    The single disc machines are ideal for deep-down and maintenance cleaning, where the surface needs to be treated or protected.
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